Nashville Singer Gets $10,000 Tip While Playing Hotel Lobby

Every aspiring singer/songwriter who plays the streets of Nashville (or hotel lobbies) hopes people hear their music and appreciate it. They hope to get some tips too to help pay for rent and guitar strings. But Morgan Clark never expected the $10,000 tip she got while playing the Holiday Inn Express on Broadway, according to The Tennessean.

In fact, she wasn't supposed to even be there. She was filling in for a friend. After letting her voice fill the lobby for the night, she looked through her tips and got a surprise. She told the paper:

"I saw this check upside down among my tips, and I thought, 'Oh, that's weird that someone wrote a check. No one ever writes a check.' I turned it over and saw it was a check for $10,000. I thought, 'This is not real. There's no way.' "

The tipper, who wanted to remain anonymous, assured her it was real and said,

"He just said that he believes in me ... and he said, 'Do me one favor. Don't ever lose your innocence.' I've had fans come up to me and (say they) love my voice and my music and stuff, but no one ever believed in me to do that."

Clark has been playing music in Nashville and hoping to make it big for years. Maybe this is the start of something.

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