Entire Cast of 'Mindhunter' Released From Their Contracts

The next disappearance FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench might be investigating is the disappearance of their own Netflix hit show Mindhunter. The entire cast has been released from their contracts. Season 3 is nowhere in sight. And there is no plan for it. Not because it isn't a highly acclaimed hit show, but because the executive producer has other stuff he wants to work on.

Jonathan Goff, Holt McCallany and Anna Torv have been released from their contracts and are free to find other work. Fincher (the EP) has shifted his focus to a new movie he's directing for the streaming service. After that, he will work on the 2nd season of the animated sci-fi anthology 'Love, Sex, and Robots'. He literally has no clue when he might get back to one of the best damn shows on Netflix.

The intense (and sometimes horribly gory) show has gotten high critical acclaim and a large audience. That's what's so aggravating. Season 3 is nowhere in sight, not because it failed, but because one of the main guys... got bored? Can you tell I'm upset?

Seasons 1 and 2 dramatized the real beginnings of serial killer profiling at the FBI back in the day. It was considered a joke by the Bureau as these agents would go behind bars and interview convicted serial killers to find out what made them tick. What they learn helps them solve other murders and stop serial killers before they kill again. It really happened. It's based on the memoirs of the agent that forged the profiling division. Those techniques are now standard throughout law enforcement.

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