Best Netflix Originals to Watch for Black History Month

Winter has officially hit and we can't be more excited to stay home and have a Netflix & Chill day. Besides Valentine's Day, the whole month is dedicated to the knowledge and culture of Black Americans. Celebrating Black History, Netflix has a great release of films that you'll want to add to your list!

Check out what you should be watching this month.

Who Killed Malcolm X?

If you're ready to go down a spiral of mystery, history and things you may not have known about the assassination of Malcolm X; get ready to be on a rollercoaster of emotion. The six part docu-series reopens the case with new interviews and never before seen evidence. The Who Killed Malcolm X documentary goes in depth in order to find uncover the truth about his killing.

Purple Rain

The legacy of musical icon, Prince will continue to live on. In this case through film. The 1984 classic makes its way to Netflix as we see Prince's acting debut. The Purple Rain soundtrack was certified 13 times platinum!


Will Smith stars in the 2001 biographical film of Heavy Weight Champion, Muhammad Ali. The film highlights Ali's life from 1964 to 1974. He captures the family life at home to the challenges he faces during the Civil Rights Movement and reclaiming his Heavy Weight title against George Foreman.

Hip-Hop Evolution

If you're interested in the history of Hip-Hop from the beginning to the present, Netflix Original's Hip-Hop Evolution is your go to. The new season gets into the southern roots. From Bounce to Chopped & Screwed to Crunk, you get interviews and in depth stories of the people that were are the forefront. Three6Mafia, Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boys, Big Freedia and more join the cast of features. Check it out!

Black Hollywood: They've Got to Have Us

"A Black man kissing a White woman on screen in America, laughs, legendary actor, Harry Belafonte." Black Hollywood: They've Got to Have Us, takes a look at actors, producers and directors that paved the way past and present to roles in Hollywood. The evolution of playing slaves to kings and queens, wasn't something overnight. Winning Oscars and being celebrated for their contribution to the art wasn't either. Check out in-depth interviews from the late John Singleton, Debbie Allen and more.

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