Tupac Shakur, a White Male Arrested in Tennessee Still Raises Questions

Far from a mistake of identity, a white male by the name of Tupac A. Shakur was arrested for pulling a knife out on a Johnson City police officer. The 40 year-old white male, was found with methamphetamine. He was charged with aggravated assault, simple possession of drugs and having unlawful drug paraphernalia.

Shakur was caught after warrants for his arrest from the Carter County Sheriff's Department. Police arrived and saw a Shakur leaving in a vehicle but were unable to catch him at the time. The car was later found with Shakur inside. While being arrested by the officer he pulled out a knife from his waistband and attempted to stab the officer. The officer wasn't hurt and Shakur was wrestled to the ground.

He shares the same name as the late artist, Tupac A. Shakur. What still raises questions is if he was born with this name or went on to later change his name. Either way, Tupac Shakur is alive.

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