New Sites in Tennessee and Kentucky, Added to Civil Rights Trail

Keeping things on the up and up as we celebrate Black History Month, new sites in Tennessee and Kentucky will be added to the Civil Rights Trail. Two sites in both Louisville and Memphis have been added to the U.S. Civil Rights Trail in 2020. The Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville and SEEK Museum in Russellville are the two new sites in Kentucky.

Bringing the musical aspect of the Civil Rights Movement, Memphis Tennessee, also known as the Home of Blues will be added as well. The Beale Street Historic District and the WDIA radio station were also added to the trail. This was launched back in 2018 to promote civil rights tourism. They chose to do the announcement at B.B. King's restaurant on Thursday.

The Civil Rights Trail includes 120 churches, courthouses, museums and other landmarks located between Topeka, Kansas, and Washington, D.C.

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