What You Should Do To Stop The Spread Of Coronavirus

The talk of the Coronavirus is spreading like wild fire. It's reported that there have been more than 2,770 deaths from the virus. Just recently we reported two Tennessee residents tested positive for the Coronavirus. With Spring around the corner, travel is increasing and travelers are debating whether to cancel their trips or looking for ways to stay safe around the world.

Check out a few ways you can stay safe.

Wash Your Hands

Sounds simple, but sometimes it's a forgettable thing for some. Make sure you wash your hands with warm water for at least 20 seconds, said the University of Southern California's Dr. Raj Dasgupta.

Use Hand Sanitizer

This is not a substitute for warm water and soap, however it does help. When your hands are visibly dirty you can use the alcohol-based hand sanitizer to clean up. Plus you can get a small bottle for travel.

Wipe Down Screens

Think about your computer, think of others using it and different spaces you've been. A simple wipe down of electronics, plane seats, trays and anything you touch helps. Hand sanitizing wipes are your friend!

Stop Touching Your Face

Your parents may have told you for other reasons or the same. In this case, it helps not spread those germs. From picky at your face to touching something and then back to your face, you just never know. Keep your hands away from your face.

Cough In Your Elbow

Again, not another secret. You've probably been told to cover your mouth when you sneeze, but if you do not have a tissue handy, your hand is not the best substitute. Exchange that hand for the crook of your elbow or sleeve.

Read more on how you can make your travel safe here.

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