World's Richest Pastor Donates $0 To Covid, But Blows Virus Away w Mouth

(full disclosure, I am Christian and believe anything is possible with God, but....)

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland is the wealthiest pastor in the world with an estimated net worth of $300 million dollars. So far he has donated none of that money to meals for frontline responders, protective equipment, victims, or people who've lost work. He has not used any of his 3 private jets (one of them a $20 million dollar aircraft he bought from Tyler Perry) to socially distance himself from anyone. He did say flying commercially exposes him to a “bunch of demons in a tube.” So he must have flown American Airlines. I digress.

But he took to his stage and television to literally "blow away" the Coronavirus.

Copeland was claiming the global pandemic was of the devil. With the most self-satisfied grin on his face, claimed that the "wind of God" was coming out of his mouth to blow away the virus that his killed thousands of people around the world.

After ridding the world of the virus last weekend... (it's gone, right?), he told his church's elders that God personally told him he must raise another $300 million dollars for his church.

Wow, God personally sets his budget. Of all the things God can do, he decided a line item in Kenneth's budget. Amazing.

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