Nashville Predators Playoff Bound As NHL Sets A "Return To Play" Plan

The NHL has agreed on a "return to play" plan. The regular season is considered OVER.

When it can safely return, hockey would look like this: the top 4 seeds in the East and Western Conferences would get an automatic bid in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. They would play each other round-robin style to determine seeding. The remaining eight teams in each conference would play their way in with a best of 5 game series. (based on points percentage)

The playoffs would happen in 2 host cities (word is Nashville is not in consideration), The Nashville Predators will play the Arizona Coyotes for a chance to advance.

Gary Bettman, commissioner, lays out everything.

Nashville Predators v Arizona Coyotes

This can't happen soon enough. 🙏🏼

Training camps will not happen until at least mid July, but the dates will be determined by circumstances.

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