Nashville Nurse In Covid Unit Wishes You Could See What He Sees Daily

Vanderbilt University Medical Center nurse Cody Hamilton wishes everyone who doesn't want to wear a mask to see what he sees in the ICU unit every day.

In a very heartfelt statement, the experienced nurse said he hoped that people could be a fly on the wall. If they did, they would wear a mask and do whatever they could to help limit the spread of Covid-19.

Nurse Hamilton says these patients are the worst his colleagues has ever ever seen. He says even when they beat COVID-19, the damage done to patients malkes their recovery very long. The effects are long lasting and weakening.

And he says one of the most difficult parts of treating them is being the only contact they have with other human beings. They cannot see their friends or family, and they can't even have the healing power of touch because the nurses are completely covered to protect themselves from the virus.

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