Girls With These 5 Names Do Better Getting Guys

What's in a name? Apparently a lot is in a name. Because it's been determined that girls with certain names do a lot better than other girls in getting guys.

In certain cultures, a lot goes into naming into a child. They don't flip through a baby names book and cancel out the ones that remind you of someone who had that name in high school and "they were a jerk".

'The Grade' dating app scoured it's database and found the names the get swiped right most often for men and women.

Right now, both sexes are preferring the shorter versions of some people's name. Sometimes just adding one letter changes everything. Adding an "h" makes Sarah hotter than Sara. Rob gets more swipes than Robert.

Hottest Female Names

1 Brianna

2 Erika

3 Lexi

4 Brooke

5 Vanessa

Hottest Male Names

1 Brett

2 Tyler

3 Corey

4 Andy

5 Noah