Nashville Dogs Put Out Desperate Plea "We Need Your Old Towels"!

We got this message from our friends at Nashville Humane Association. We assume it came from the dogs and cats, but their could have been a human involved with this message.

🆘We have reached the bottom of the barrel and are SUPER low on Bath Towels🆘

Bath Towels are used for bedding, baths and even provide comfort after spay & neuter surgeries for our cats, dogs, kittens and pups.

If you have a few or ten to spare, we’d all be extra grateful!

We have large yellow bins located in our parking lot for contactless drop off donations, which are accessible between the hours of 9a-4p, or Bath Towels may be ordered from our Wish List here:

♥️New or Gently Used Bath Towels, Please & Thank You Very Very Much♥️\

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