New Drive-In Movie Theater Closer To Nashville Opens

There are awesome drive-ins in middle Tennessee, but many are a long drive away (like Watertown). But you'll be able to save some gas because Franklin will have a drive-in movie theater to help you get out of your quarantine funk.

The Field at Franklin debuts this weekend. They'll be showing the family classic "The Sandlot". The Field is behind Rolling Hills Community Church off Columbia Avenue. 

The charge is $35 per car (suggested rate, but those in financial difficulty can go for free) and you're encouraged to bring your own snacks and drinks (but no alcohol). But you can't leave your vehicle to stay socially distanced. The parking lot holds up to 175 cars. But you can't just show up. You need to pay your admission ahead of time here.

Instead of being projected, the movie will be on a giant LED screen, much like you'd find side stage at a concert.

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