Second Stimulus Check Will Be Decided Today Says Forbes

U.S. Treasury

Today is the day the GOP led Senate will propose another round of stimulus money to Americans hurt financially by the coronavirus. The Associated Press states, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) wants second stimulus checks of $1,200 included in this proposed stimulus package.

They have not confirmed what criteria you have to meet to get the second round of money. The first time around, it went like this:

$1,200 for each individual

$2,400 for married/joint filers

and up to $500 for dependents

If you earned less than $75,000 (individuals) or $150,000 (married/joint filers), you could receive $1,200 the first time around

Earlier, Senate leader Mitch McConnell thought the second round would only go to people making less than $40,000. But it is widely believed that won't happen.

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