Parenting Experts Want To Cancel Tickling Your Kid

It's 2020 and everything you're doing or ever have done.... is wrong. Now tickling your kid is out.

Tickling a kid doesn't mean they always enjoy it, says Jenny Marder at NYT Parenting

This forward thinking expert wrote, "when we tickle children without their buy-in, we're teaching them that it's okay to be touched and to touch others in ways they don't like".

(sarcastic comment: When you're child is laughing their butt off, stop everything and have them sign a consent form.)

Another expert says tickling should be a no-no. Lawrence Cohen, Ph.D., author of the book Playful Parenting. This author turns it into a harassment by the powerful. (Sign) "If one person is stronger and more confident, and they're the ones always in control, then you're crossing the line from healthy roughhousing to overpowering," says Cohen.

Both writers say, when your child turns from a smile to a grimace, you should stop.

Duh. Thanks for spending your life's work on this groundbreaking revelation: if your kid doesn't enjoy tickling anymore, play some other way. Couldn't have figured that ourselves.

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