The First Black-Owned Stock Exchange Is Opening Soon

The year 2020 is just the tip of the iceberg of what is to come, especially for technology and in this case Black business owners. A former lawyer has created the first Black-owned stock exchange in the hopes of giving Black Americans the opportunity to build generational wealth. The Dream Exchange is founded by Joe Cecala, in partnership with Cadiz Capital Holding LLC.

The Black owned company is a private equity firm. Both Cecala and William H. Ellison are the majority owners of the stock exchange hopes to pair small businessses with investors to build more wealth in underserved communities.

“In the 230-year history of stock exchanges in America only one Black-owned firm has made it to the New York Stock Exchange and there has never been a Black-owned stock exchange. Without access to public markets, any sector of society absent will most certainly suffer economically. This is the importance of having a channel for access to the public markets in America,”says Cecala."

Will you be investing?

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