300-400 Teens Go On Rampage at Memphis Putt Putt.

It was not a good day at a Memphis mini golf center when up to 400 unaccompanied children were dropped off at once. According reports, the children (mostly teens) were not socially distancing. That was near impossible given the size of the crowd and the size of the Putt Putt Center. The children were also not wearing masks which was the golf center's policy for all customers.

The Fun Center was forced to shut down for everyone's safety. That's when the rioting began. Kids demanded their money back, others harassed employees trying to enforce the rules, and many overturned furniture and property. At one point, the owner brought all the young employees into the basement for their own safety, locked the door, and waited with a golf club in hand to fend off anyone who broke in.

One teen girl in the video knocks down a plexiglass partition that fell towards the staff (who hid behind an ATM as a shield). She continued ripping down plexiglass, ripped out a computer screen, then moved on to hurling the heavy metal partitions that hold rope barriers.

Then someone set off fireworks that started a panic scene until cops showed up.

One young boy was seen ripping plants out of planters and hurling them at a car parked out front.

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