Taylor Swift Merch Accused of Stealing Design From Black Owned Business

Taylor Swift and her team are moving rapidly to clean up a narrative she probably wants no part of. The designs from her folklore merch have been called out as a theft of the logo of a black owned business. Amira Rasool, founder of the online retailer The Folklore said the design is definitely a rip off of the apparel designs her business sells made by African artists.

A couple days ago, taylor's website swapped out merch that said, "The folkore album" with swag that said simply "folklore album".

The two sides are talking and Rasool said it was a great first step.

Rasool said, "I commend Taylor's team for recognizing the damage the merchandise caused to my company @TheFolklore's brand, I recognize that she has been a strong advocate for women protecting their creative rights, so it was good to see her team is on the same page."

Taylor responded to The Folklore owner on Twitter and said, “Amira, I admire the work you’re doing and I’m happy to make a contribution to your company and to support the Black in Fashion Council (launching on 8/3) with a donation @thefolklore @amirarasool @bifcglobal #blackinfashioncouncil.”

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