President Trump May Ban Tik Tok As Soon As Today

President Trump has hinted he may ban Tik Tok from the United States any time soon. Sighting privacy concerns from the Chinese owned app (500 million users) that tracks a large amount of personal data, Donald Trump has suggested he wants to end its use by executive order.

“As far as TikTok is concerned, we’re banning them from the United States,” Trump said to the press on Air Force One on Friday.

The wildly popular app that users use to sing, dance, lip-synch, pull pranks, etc. is owned by the Chinese, where the Chinese government controls and has access to any private business firm's info when it wants... means that the Chinese government can have access to all of that tracking data it's US users. For many experts, it's a huge security issue.

But Tik Tok fired back.

Critics say we shouldn't fall for Tik Tok's message from their puppet CEO. ByteDance, the parent company in China really calls the shots.

There has been rumors that Microsoft might buy Tik Tok, putting it in the hands of an American company. We'll see.



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