Cops: Mt. Juliet Woman Pulls Gun Cuz She Was Angry About Car Wash Vacuums

📷: Wilson county sheriffs/Getty Images

According to police, a Mt. Juliet woman angry that employees wouldn't turn their vacuums on at closing time, brandished a firearm at the teen employees. The report says it all went down at the Mister Car Wash on North Mt. Juliet Rd Tuesday night. A report says she became very angry and “became very hostile, using profanity and threatening the employees”.

Police say 35 yr old Jessica Simpson was told they could not turn the vacuums on at closing time, so she got hostile. The reports says she then shoved a teen employee, went to her vehicle, and pulled out a gun in a holster and waved it around.

Simpson was arrested down the round, where they found the gun under her seats. Jessica claimed she didn't brandish the gun, but surveillance video clearly shows her waving the gun before leaving.

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