Love Our BNA Nashville Airport Carpet? It Just Got 2020'd.

There are some things that are so Nashville. "So Nashville" that only the locals know they're cool. One of those is the carpet at BNA (Nashville International Airport). it's incredible mix of colors, spirals, and geometric shapes is not only an artistic joy, It's a reminder that you're home when you return from a trip.

Well, it's been 2020'd.

They told us our beloved carpet would go away as they upgraded the fast-growing transportation hub. But they said they were going to use a hard surface like tile or a marble.

But no, they used a new carpet that is so ugly, it's fugly. We spotted this new abomination and they couldn't have twisted the knife of carpet sadness any more.

Look how it blends vomit into a camo-eque design.

Others have said it reminds them of the coronavirus itself.

Walk on the beloved old school carpet while you can.

If you want to buy a welcome mat made from the good BNA carpet with "BNA" branded in the corner, you can get one here.

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