Ariana Grande Has A Justified Fear of Hockey Pucks

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There’s a very good reason that Ariana Grande may have a fear of hockey pucks.

Ariana Grande avoided the Grammys and might just be avoiding NHL hockey rinks. It seems when Ariana was a little girl, she was hit in the head with a hockey puck at the Florida panthers game. As consolation, she got a free ride on the Zamboni.

But she didn’t get hit by a hockey puck just once. She got hit with a hockey puck a second time! In fact, her mom said she was telling someone in nearby seats about the first time Ariana got hit with a puck when she was struck again.

But momma Grande says she was always “hockey tough” (she was not seriously hurt in either puck-to-the-noggin incident).

Her mom, Joan Grande said:

how cute is she??? this was the second time she got hit actually, right before the zamboni ride… but she was amazingly brave even then and wouldn't miss the ride…. proud of her then and now.. and honestly I still have that article on my refrigerator at my office..

— Joan Grande (@joangrande)

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