Best Christmas Movies Ever.

Christmas isn't complete without a fun movie marathon

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The hosts of the Untitled Film Project Podcast used some air time to go over their Top 3 Christmas movies of all-time. Listen to the segment below and let us know your thoughts. Did Jim, Justin, or Gover get them right? Are they out of order? What classics did they forget? Let us know your list.

1. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

2. Nightmare Before Christmas

3. Elf

4. Home Alone

5. Arthur Christmas

For me, Christmas movies have always revolved around National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. It's such a funny and relatable film that's highly quotable and features Chevy Chase at his absolute peak so it's my favorite comedy of all-time, not just my favorite Christmas movie.

So, the John Hughes-penned classic aside, holiday films typically make my list by way of an interesting premise. Nightmare Before Christmas is about what if one holiday took over another, Elf is about a human raised as an elf, Home Alone is about a child left on his own for an unannounced extended period of time and Arthur Christmas is about how Santa's son does whatever it takes to "finish" Christmas. Yes, acting is important, laughs are important and heart is important but, to get my attention in an otherwise busy genre, I'm asking for a premise that tickles my brain.

1. The Muppet Christmas Carol

2. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 

3. Home Alone

4. The Santa Clause

5. Home Alone 2

When it comes to Christmas movies, I go for nostalgia or comedy. The newer ones that I enjoy most will typically include comedy or overall have good enough of a story or talent to make it a good film. For instance, I do enjoy The Christmas Chronicles thanks to Kurt Russell's take on Santa and Spirited's take on A Christmas Carol. And while I know plenty of people like the predictable Hallmark Christmas movies, there is nothing "feel good" there for me. 

On the other hand, a movie like Violent Night was extremely entertaining because it took a 180 to Christmas films with bloody action and parody, yet still had some heart. We won't get a must-see Christmas movie every year but, when they do come along, it's enjoyable to add to my "watch every Christmas season" list.

1. A Christmas Story

2. Elf

3. The Snowman

4. It's A Wonderful Life

5. A Christmas Carol (1938)

I can separate my treasured Christmas movies into two halves: before I was a father and after. For me, it was always short Christmas specials on tv that I loved (claymation Rudolph the Red-Noised ReindeerA Charlie Brown Christmas, etc). Then I saw A Christmas Story on HBO and I was transfixed by that tale of the Red Rider BB Gun and realized full-length movies could be about Christmas, be funny, and have heart.

After having kids, I loved sitting together and enjoying them through adult eyes and a child's heart. Elf made us all laugh so hard (even my little Wednesday Addams). The Snowman calmed and charmed us (you can watch it on Youtube here). And when they got a little older, we decided to discover "the classics". We decided the redemptive Christmas movies like A Christmas Carol (saw all of them) were classics for a good reason. They warmed the heart.

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