Tennessee Romance Author Faked Her Own Death And People Are Pissed

(pictured, author Susan Meachen)

An unapologetic Tennessee romance novel author faked her own death and fans are calling her out. Fellow authors are also calling her out.

Susan Meachen has written a few romance novels. In 2020, someone who said they were her daughter posted a message on her FaceBook page saying that Meachen died by suicide after being bullied by other authors.

Then a recent post said she was back! She concluded the post with "let the fun begin".

Fans who mourned her are upset. Booksellers are furious because they held fundraisers to pay for her funeral.

Author Samantha cole told News2, “The fact that she came back, that she still had access to her account and that she created another account and was able to sit back and watch all this grief, all these fundraisers, all this finger-pointing, and just not say anything, It just blows my mind”

Fan reaction on her FB page shows a completely brazen and unremorseful Meachen.

She clapped back saying, "Honey be mad all you want, look on the internet my name is plastered everywhere. This was all planned out from day one. And now my books will be sold everywhere. I can say my daughter got the money because you have no proof it was me. So go to the community and cry about it all you want. But the truth is my plan worked and now you will be unfriended and blocked I heard netflix is calling to do a movie about me. So call me crazy all you want im brilliant."

The author lives in Polk County. News2 contacted police to see if any crimes were committed, but are awaiting a response.

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