Harry Potter Star Built His Daughter a Target Store in Their House.

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Rupert Grint, known the world over for playing Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies, is maybe the best dad ever. Grint was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon talking about his daughter's obsessions. She's 2 years old and spent most of her life in the United States because of projects Grint has been working on. Her name is Wednesday, so he was way ahead of the Netflix series.

So she missed a lot of things in the US after they moved back to the UK. Among things she missed was hoagies, ice water (not common in the UK), and Target. Yes, the store. I mean, who could blame her? Target is awesome and there are none where she is now. So Rupert built her a mini play Target in their house. Watch him describe it.

"Sometimes she doesn't buy anything, she just wants to kind of browse," Grint said. "The toy aisle is definitely a draw, but she's more into lip balm, to be fair.

"I think I've definitely captured the essence," he said of his own Target store in the house.

"It was one of the most difficult conversations, telling her she lives in a country that doesn't have Target," he said. "I've shown her our kind of equivalent, but it doesn't hold up." But he should cut himself some slack because it sounds pretty amazing to us. It has a conveyor belt, a credit card reader, and gift cards.

I want one in my house.

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