Nashville PD Says Drunk Dad Let His 5 yr Old Drive Car That Crashed.

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According to court documents, a Bellevue father was drunk and drove his car into the neighbor's yard.

Police say a witness claimed that he saw the car hitting a mailbox on Saturday in the 8000 block of Charlotte Pike. The driver grabbed his son and fled the scene.

According to court documents, police found the car with several open bottles of alcohol inside on the side of road. Police tracked the vehicle to a house approximately half a mile down Charlotte Pike after looking up its license plate information.

Officers arrived at John Edwin Harris' home to find that he was driving his 53-year-old wife's car down the driveway.

Harris claimed to officers that he let his 5-year old son drive the car, and that the child jerked at the steering wheel to cause the accident, according to the affidavit.

Sue Hows' mailbox was hit by the car. According to Sue Hows, her husband, who died in the crash, installed the mailbox made of concrete and metal when she moved into the house 45 years ago.

After seeing the damage to their mailbox, she said that the father and son were fortunate to survive the crash.

Hows told WSMV, "It's very distressing, especially when I discover that a 5-year old child was driving the vehicle." Where does the responsibility lie? The man. What in the world did he do with a 5-year old child in his car while he was drunk?

Harris wants Harris to purchase a mailbox and install it at her driveway. Hows couldn't comprehend why parents would put their child at danger behind the wheel.

Hows stated, "He was probably too drunk to drive," He let the child drive his car. The child was unable to reach the pedals, and lost his sense of direction. It's hard to blame a child when a drunk man does something that he didn't like."

Police said Harris admitted that he had drank on Saturday morning. According to the affidavit, Harris failed the field sobriety exam, couldn't stand and smelled like alcohol.

According to the affidavit the child claimed that he wasn't hurt. However, investigators discovered a mark on his windshield that looked like it belonged to someone.

Harris was arrested for DUI and fleeing the scene of an accident. According to court records, Harris was released on a $4,000 bond.

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