Netflix Has Begun The Crackdown on Passwords. Some Are Happy About It.

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The Neflix crackdown on password sharing has begun. And not everyone is mad about it.

Let's say they are just tip toeing into the waters by letting you see what devices are using your password (or the person who pays can see you). And it gives you the chance to kick unexpected people off your account. So that ex of yours that's been using your Netflix for 2 years since they cheated on you... THEY CAN BE BOOTED!

Here's how to see what devices are using your stream, and how to kick them off. First, go into your account on your computer and find "Manage access and services".

Click it and you'll see what devices are using your Netflix. You'll also see where they are and the last time they logged in.

See someone you don't recognize... sign 'em out!

Some people have been really happy to have this option. Reddit is full of examples of people learning VERY interesting things when managing their devices. One man signed into Netflix at an Airbnb in another part of the country, but never signed out. Every guest has been using it ever since. When they later bump up prices on people who are password sharing, this guy would be paying for it.

Another woman said she found her husband's laptop was using it. When she looked at what it was suggesting for shows, she realized he's into the 50 Shades type stuff. She says it actually helped spice up the relationship. So for her, at least, "Netflix cracking the whip" is a fun thing.

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