5 Ways Your Dog Shows They Love You

British bulldog licking woman face, laughing

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We feel it. We're 99% sure our dog loves us. But sometimes there's that nagging doubt "do they just like me for the food?" and other self-doubts. According to the pet insurance company ManyPets, there are ways dogs show true affection to us. Let's look through the signs.

Veterinarian Dr Kirsten Ronngren says these are the 5 ways dogs show us love... in their language.

Gettin Physical

"Does your pet repeatedly lick your face, climb on your lap or tend to jump up - even when they know they're not supposed to?" said Ronngren. "These pets want one thing more than anything else – and that's lot's physical fuss.

So go ahead and keep giving them pets, neck rubs, and better massages than you'd give your significant other.

Positive Words

Just like us humans, dogs love to hear affirming words that let's them know you're pleased with them.

"This also means they'll recognize when the tone of your voice changes, so being vocal, both in a concise and light manner, will help your pet learn and understand what you're trying to tell them.

And when they bark at you, sometimes loudly, when you come home, it's because they are so happy to see you.

Quality Time

Spending time together will be a love enhancer. Especially if it's before you're leaving for the day. A little tog-o-war or throwing a ball together will make your pooch love you 3000.

Acts of Service

When you're crying and your dog gives you a lick, they're showing that they know you're feelings and want you to feel better. And when you've had a rough and exhausting day, and lay across you like a blanket, it means they are trying to make you feel better.

Close up Golden Retriever with Stick

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If they drop a stick (or roadkill!) at your feet, it means they are giving you a gift. "Gifts from the garden (no matter how muddy) are a gesture of their love – and they also love receiving gifts from you in return," said Dr Ronngren.

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