Pokemon Sleep! Is A Video Game You Play While Snoozing

Games on your phone have progressed to the point you can play them while you're asleep.

There's a new game called "Pokemon Sleep!" that is designed to play while you sleep at night. It's essentially a sleep tracker that monitors how well, and how long you sleep.

You place your phone next to you in bed and turn the game on. The longer you sleep, the more interesting and new Pokemon characters will appear in the morning. Thus, the longer and better you sleep, the game is more fun when you wake up.

According to the Pokemon' Sleep website:

Your nights of sleep will be classified as one of three sleep styles—dozing, snoozing, or slumbering—and in the morning, Pokémon that sleep in similar ways will come gather around Snorlax.

You may even discover a Pokémon sleeping in a rare style you'd hardly ever get to see normally. Each Pokémon has a number of different sleep styles, so see how many you can discover to complete your sleep style dex.

Pokemon Sleep! will be available for both android and iPhone this summer.

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