Wrong Number Text Leads To Marriage and 6 Kids

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You never know when you’re going to meet someone who could be “the one” and for one couple, that moment came after a text to a wrong number. Back in 2009, Brenda Rivera was trying to text a new friend, but got the number wrong and ended up reaching a man named Isaiah Stearns instead. She sent a Bible verse and he replied, “Amen to that. Who is this?”

Brenda explained they met through her sister, but Isaiah replied that they hadn’t met and introduced himself. She apologized, but he wanted to keep the conversation going and asked if he could call her the next day. He did and they hit it off right away, revealing where they live - her in Georgia and him in Ohio, conveniently only about 50 miles from where her mom and sister lived. Their connection was so strong, they made plans to meet up when she came to visit her family.

Despite the fact that Isaiah wasn’t Brenda’s type, she gave him a chance. “I pictured myself with a dark-skinned, curly-haired, Spanish-speaking guy who loved salsa dancing — basically the opposite of him," she explains. “Isaiah was bald and he didn’t...know how to dance.” But the couple quickly fell in love, and went on to get married. Now they’re parents to six kids and will celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary in June. Brenda says, “I feel so lucky.”

Source: Today

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