UPDATE: Ticketmaster Addresses Nashville Concert Tix Costing Less Than Fees

Demand Too High For Taylor Swift Concert Tickets, Ticketmaster Cancels Public Sale

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Here's the story that started the latest outrage. Update to this story is below:

80s and 90s New Wave band The Cure (Friday I'm In Love, Love Song, Just Like Heaven) made a conscious effort to keep their concert tour ticket prices low out of respect for their fans. But then Ticketmaster happened.

Fans went to twitter to register their disgust with the outrageous fees Ticketmaster adds to the price of the ticket.


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This fan showed their ticket confirmation for the show. They purchased 4 seats at $20 each.

But then the fees sneak in and are labeled. The service fee for the 4 tix is 46.60. Then there's the facilities fee of $40. And then toss in the order processing fee of $5.50.

$172+ for four $20 tickets.

After the Ticketmaster controversy from the Taylor Swift ERAs tour, US lawmakers made a big show out of hearings with Ticketmaster executives. But nothing happened. Nothing changed. And Ticketmaster continues to light their cigars with $100 bills.

UPDATE: Because the band heard the cries and put Ticketmaster on blast, the fans are getting some $$ back. Verified fans who bought premium level seating and packages will be getting a $10 refund per ticket. Other verified fans who bought the cheaper seats or packages will just $5.

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