Woman Claims the Bag of Cocaine in Her Purse Must Have Been Blown in There

This might be one of the worst excuses we've ever heard from a criminal.  And that's saying something . . .

Cops in Fort Pierce, Florida pulled a car over last month after they saw it swerving around the road.

26-year-old Kennecia Posey was the driver.  They ended up finding a bag of pot in her purse, and she admitted it was hers.  But they also found a bag of cocaine . . .

And when they asked her about it, here's what she came up with:  She talked about how windy it was that day . . . and said it must have, quote, "flown through the window and into [her] purse." 

She's facing a misdemeanor charge for the marijuana, and one felony count for possession of cocaine.

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