Little Kid Jams With The Foo Fighters In Nashville

The Foo Fighters made their way back to Nashville after having to postpone their tour back in October. There wasn't an empty seat in the house that night!! Well during the show, Dave kept going back to this kid in the audience he nicknamed "Lil Fonzie"

Well during the show, he brought "Lil Fonzie" on stage and found out the kid could play the drums. So like KISS guy, he let him play the drums. I will say this though, I thought it was really cool Dave did that but you could tell the band and the crowd wanted to carry on with the show. 

It seemed that Dave was ready to get back on with the show telling the dad to come get him, even bribing him with a coke. Check out the whole performance below! 

BTW there is some dirty words LOL!! 

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