I Took My Son To His Very First Concert & Had A BIG Surprise For Him

For the longest time, I had tried to figure out what was going to be my son's first concert. He's got some really good taste in music and I wanted to make sure his first concert was going to be on he would remember for the rest of his life.

His favorite band Imagine Dragons were in town last night and so we went to see his favorite band for his very first concert. Little did he know there was going to be a BIG surprise for him when he got there! 

He just thought we were just going to the show and was wonder why I kept making funny videos and taking a lot of photos. Then came time for the moment of truth when I told him what was about to happen.

From the look on his face, you can tell he was so excited! Last night was such an amazing night and such a great memory to make with my son.

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