Dr. Pimple Poppers Now Has Her Own Board Game

I scroll as fast as I can on Facebook if I see someone sharing those pimple popping videos. Sometimes I'll get sucked into watching them, but other times they make me want to throw up! After getting her own tv show, Dermatologist Sandra Lee has now jumped into making things for the kids and families who enjoy watching her pop pimples.

Meet Pimple Pete! 

Pimple Pete is an acne-prone character who has gummy “pimples” all over his face. The object of the game is that you spin a wheel to determine an area of his face that you have to try and pop a pimple. This is sort of like operation where if you screw up something bad happens. 

If you tilt Pete's head too much the HUGE zit on his face will squirt pus at you. Don't worry though it's just water, but it's still freakin gross!! 

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