Haunted Places In Tennessee You Can Stay The Night

When it comes to haunted things, I'm all about it! I would probably say that Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! Tennessee is no stranger to haunted places around the state. You can't go anywhere without hearing a ghost story about a place you are heading or staying the night! I will say this though, I would love to spend the night in a haunted place, but I know that I will freak out and probably want to leave the first time I hear a strange noise or even if I think I see something moving around!

So what I've done is if you are looking for an adventure, here's a few haunted places around the Nashville area you can check out and spend the night!

First up we have the Thomas House Hotel in Red Boiling Springs. According to records the hotel was buily in the 1880's as a Mineral Spring Resort, it is sitting on top of an Ancient Indian Trail. It was also noted that it was a stopping point for the Union Troops for the Civil War, Fires, Deaths, and even home to a cult!

Next up on my list is the Union Station right here in Nashville! According to a ghost story, Room 711 is haunted. The story goes like this, 

Next stop on our list is the Peabody Hotel in Memphis! 

According to Haunted Rooms:

"The peabody hotel is also known for being haunted by a ghost that likes to wander around the Eleventh floor of the hotel.  This ghost like to whisper as he walks through the hotel and guests have also noticed cold spots and strange noises all coming from the eleventh floor."

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