Barber Pulls off Revenge Prank After Being Pranked By Client

A while back, this kid played a prank on his barber by placing a fake cockroach on his counter. The barbre flipped out and fell for the fake cockroach. Once the barber found out that it was a joke he said that he was going to get the kid back! 

The barber thought long and hard about how he was going to get his revenge on the kid and came up with the most diabolical plan. He got some fake blood and a fake ear. You can already see where this is going.  

The barber nicked the boys ear with the clippers then it started to bleed a lot. The kid started to freak out and that's when the prank got bad for the kid. The barber dropped the fake ear on the floor. The boy was in shock after witnessing his ear hitting the floor. He started freaking out before the barber told him it was a prank.

Do you think this prank went too far?

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