Chipotle Finally Adds Drive Thrus In Tennessee

So good news for all of you Chipotle lovers out there! Grabbing lunch and dinner there just got a whole lot easier! They are now rolling out drive-thrus at certain locations. The only bad news is, you can't just pull up and order your burrito bowl like you would at a regular drive-thru. 

The burrito chain wants you to order on the Chipotle mobile app and just pull into the drive-thru lane to pick up. As of right now, there are only a few places that will have the drive-thrus. Ohio and one each in Texas, Massachusetts and.... TENNESSEE!!  The great thing though about this is you won't have to pay to park or deal with standing in line.

You'll now be able to wait in line in your car. There's no word yet on if every Chipotle is going to have drive-thrus, but I know the one over on West End would be EPIC if they got a drive-thru.