SURGE is Back At A Certain Fast Food Restaurant Now!

I remember when Surge first came out, I would drink it religiously. Even though there were warnings because of the color dye in there, that didn't stop me from drinking it. Well as a 90 kid I was very sad to see it go away!

Then years later, a group was formed to try and get Surge back. Coca-Cola listened and brought it back, but it was like a treasure hunt trying to find the drink. It was only available at select locations and you would have to make a road trip to get your hands on some of them.

Well, 90's kids rejoice!! Surge is now BACK for good and this time, you'll be able to get it at.... BURGER KING!

This is possibly the greatest news today!! Now you can grab yourself a whopper and a surge! Looks like I know where I'll be going for lunch today!

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