Haunted House In Nashville Will Give You Nightmares

Since we are heading into the Fall, chances are you're probably going to see a lot of stories from me about haunted places around town you can visit. One particular one that I haven't been to yet is the Carnton Plantation in Franklin, Tennessee! 

The plantation gets thousands of visitors every year and there are several stories told about the house, but one, in particular, has a very very dark side! 

Right in the heart of the Civil War, the Battle of Franklin was known in history as one of the most devasting battles for the South. The place where it was all witnessed was, you guessed it the Carnton Plantation. 

According to some stories, the Carnton children have been known to haunt the house. Two of the five survived childhood, but some believe it's not the spirit of the kids they are seeing. They are believing it's the spirits of the soldiers that died there on the plantation property. 

You see, 1,700 Confederate soldiers are buried on the plantation property. This is the largest Confederate graveyard here in the south. The actual mansion that you can tour today served as a hospital for the soldiers so you can imagine tons of blood was on the floor of that mansion. Also, it's noted that four generals died there because of their devastating wounds.

There are also a few other ghost stories of a ghost in the kitchen, a young girl who was killed before the war. Now the facts about the story behind the girl aren't very clear, but according to the story the girl had rejected a guy and the guy got jealous and murdered her. People have said that the girl can be seen at time sweeping the floor.

According to people, the times when you really see these ghosts are in the Fall. 

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