One Of Nashville's Favorite Restaurants Is Reopening

A lot of people over the summer were very sad to find out that a favorite spot to grab a meal Caviar & Bananas was closing up shop after only being open for a year. In my opinion it was one of my favorite places to grab lunch so of course I was sad to find out they were closing down.

Well, it's been months since anything has happened with the place and now things are about to change! It was announced that Caviar & Bananas will be reopening!! Yes, you read that right, Caviar & Bananas will be reopening on MONDAY!!

According to reports and doing some digging online, Caviar & Bananas will have new owners and a new location at the Aertson Midtown development at 2031 Broadway. Also, according to the craigslist job posting it's going to be a “new and improved” Caviar & Bananas.

They've even been teasing the opening on their Instagram!

I'm not sure about you, but I'm pretty excited this place is coming back!!

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