Most Intense Haunted Houses In The World Is Outside Of Nashville

We are just days away from Halloween and you've probably been to some of the haunted houses around town right?! Well, we have some news for you! There is one haunted house outside of Nashville that is so intense and scary most people don't even make it to the end!

You're thinking, "Oh man! How bad could this place be?" Well, first off people actually pay to go to this place and when you get there, they make you sign a waiver before entering. You see McKamey Manor isn't just you're everyday haunted house. McKamey Manor literally puts you into a horror movie. 

Russ McKamey is the owner of McKamey Manor and his haunted house is so twisted that there has been petitions created to move it outside of city limits. Now not just anyone can just walk right up and go inside. Russ makes you go through 7 steps before he allows you to come inside. Some of those requirements to get in include a FaceTime screening with Russ, taking a drug test the day of and presenting letters from your doctor that state your physical and emotional ability to experience the house. 

Now if you think you can pass all of those then maybe you are ready to visit this place! Just in case you are on the fence, check out the video below for a glimpse into how twisted this place is! 


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