Guy Claims To Be A Time Traveler With Blurry Photo To Prove It

This unknown man said he was selected as part of a secret project in the 1990s to move forward in time. He was sent to the year 6,000 where he explains how technology has changed since our present time.

He said that he wasn’t sent alone to the year 6,000, he was sent with a partner who didn’t return with him. The unknown time traveler seemed to be pretty upset by this event. His partner accidentally uploaded his brain into a virtual reality system in the year 6,000 and had to be left behind.

His proof? The man shows a blurry photo around the 5:50 minute mark that he claims is from the year 6,000.

It’s time to get excited; he also said there are plans to release time travel to the public in the year 2028. 

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