New Magical Burger Looks Magically Delicious...

I know, you're probably thinking wow Battle all you blog about is food. Well, yeah I do because I find all the interesting stuff on the internet involving food. Take from example this story about a new burger from Ground House Burgers. 

Let me introduce you to the Magical Burger.

As you can tell in the photo above there is A LOT going in with this burger! Let me tell you what is all on this burger. Are you ready for this?! Here we go! The burger has Four, yes FOUR burger patties with cheese. The bun is a rainbow bagel. There's 3 aioli sauces on there and one of them is a banana ketchup aioli. (That might actually be good?) 

Of course there are tons of marshmallow and to top of the burger there are RAINBOW SPRINKLES!

I'm not really sure how this tastes, BUT believe it or not, so far, people on Yelp actually seem to really like it. What are your thoughts on the burger? Would you try this?

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