Hidden Cave In Tennessee Is Truly A Winter Wonderland

Now that we are officially in December, that means in my opinion can start celebrating Christmas! There's so many things you can do around town to celebrate, but one really cool place that we've found is about 3 hours outside of Nashville. 

Cherokee Caverns  puts on a Christmas event every year. If you're a fan of exploring caves and holiday lights this is definitely a must see! As you walk through the cave Christmas music is playing throughout the caves while you're walking through enjoying the Christmas lights. 

The cave is filled with beautiful lights and Christmas tress. This is something fun for the whole family to do and there are even vendors there if you're wanting to do a little Christmas shopping. There's even fun activities for the kids including a visit with SANTA!!

The best part about visiting Cherokee Caverns is that they are open no matter what the weather is. Another cool thing about the cave is that it's wheelchair and stroller accessible that way nobody can miss out on the fun! Also, from time to time, you never know who you're going to run into while you're there visiting the cavern. 

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