All You Can Eat Mexican Food Buffet In Nashville

No surprise here, I'm writing another blog about food LOL!! One of my favorite types of food to eat is Mexican food. I can seriously throw down at any Mexican restaurant. Well now I'm getting ready to put on my stretchy pants and hit up Los Arcos Mexican Grill & Seafood.

Los Arcos Mexican Grill & Seafood has been around twenty years serving up authentic Mexican dining experience right here in Nashville. Los Arcos is down the street from the Nashville Zoo. Something really awsome they do here is an ALL YOU CAN EAT buffet! I mean come on, all you can eat Mexican food, count me in!

Only downside is the buffet is only during lunch, but it's the perfect place to get away for lunch. I will say don't expect to get anything done at work after you eat lunch there! The cost of the buffet for adults is $9.48 and kids are $6.25.

Check out what all they have to offer other than the buffet below:

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