Momo Is Not Trying to Kill Children

As a parent to two kids, I monitor things they are doing just like any other parent. One thing I was really concerned about was seeing on the internet was this MOMO challenge that's been going around. When I had my 11 year old if he knew about this, his eyes got really big and I could tell he was nervous. He told me all the kids were talking about it, but nobody has ever seen it.

I could tell he was extremely scared of this so, I did some digging into this. As someone who spends most of the day on YouTube, I can say I've never seen this thing pop up at all! So, I did some digging around and came across a story from The Atlantic!

In the article, they talk about how this MOMO challenge isn't real and here's why:

"The “Momo challenge” is a recurring viral hoax that has been perpetuated by local news stations and scared parents around the world. This entire cycle of shock, terror, and outrage about Momo even took place before,less than a year ago: Last summer, local news outlets across the country reported that the Momo challenge wasspreading among teens via WhatsApp. Previously, rumors about the challenge spread throughout Latin America and Spanish-speaking countries."

YouTube has confirmed that they haven't seen any evidence of these MOMO videos of this challenge anywhere. A spokesperson from YouTube said that if there ever was a video like this on their website, it would be immediately be taken down!

You can read more on this story from The Atlantic HERE!

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