This Pizza Joint In Nashville Has A Pizza Buffet

Here we go! I'm writing another blog that deals with food, go figure LOL!! One of my favorite comfort foods has to be pizza. Now I'm not a pizza snob, but I do know where good pizza is around town. One of my favorites has to be Michaelangelo’s Pizza over on 22nd Ave. Hands down my favorite pizza there has to be the Philly Cheese Pizza!

Something really awesome that they offer there is their lunch buffet! Their pizzas and ingredients 100% fresh which means when you order your pizza it's made fresh and hot! Their lunch buffet will run you $9.99 and that includes all the pizza, salad, and drink you can handle. If you're just grabbing water, it's $8.99.

Another cool thing about Michaelangelo’s Pizza, is outside they have the perfect photo op for your instagram!