Dave Grohl Confirms Heartbreaking Kurt Cobain Death Bombshell

I've always had my assumptions about a certain Foo Fighters song being about Kurt Cobain. When I listened to the words of 'My Hero' I thought, they are singing this about Kurt. We now have confirmation that in fact the song is about Kurt Cobain.

In an recent interview with Warren Huart on Produce Like A Pro, Bradley Cook talked about helping putting the song together. Cook talked about what Dave Grohl told him about the song 'My Hero' being about Kurt's death.

"That’s what he told me, yeah. The cool thing about this is that he wanted to do double drums, like let’s do double drums on this. So we had recorded the first set in the cement drum room, then we moved the double drums to the back parking garage where was a big stage. We just got such a huge sound out of it, it was such a massive room and with those tom-toms coming, you can hear that parking garage."

Also in the interview, they discuss the meaning behind 'Everlong' and wow, I'm just blown away! Check out the full interview below!

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