16-Bit + Pins Offer Relief Program To Support Employees

In these times, we’re all leaning on each other for a little bit of help. Especially for local bars and entertainment venues who have needed to completely close during COVID-19. That’s why Pins Mechanical Co. and 16-Bit Bar + Arcade are going above and beyond to help their teammates in need with a relief program.

Something really cool they are doing is with the purchase of all gift cards and merchandise - from hats, to crop tops, windbreakers and sweatshirts - are 40% off online, and 100% of proceeds will go directly to team members in need through the new Rise Relief Program. This will help those employees through the re-opening of Pins and 16-Bit when things go back to normal.

Here's how you can help:

Pins Mechanical Co.

16-Bit Bar + Arcade

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