Playboy Wants To Shoot Dolly Parton for 75th BDay

In a recent interview with 60 Minutes Australia Dolly Parton expressed her desire to pose for Playboy for her, and the magazine’s, 75th birthday and now it seems like the iconic magazine is on board. 

A Playboy executive told TMZ they would love to shoot Dolly again, “she just has to say the word.” Playboy shot Dolly at the age of 32 for the magazine in October 1978 when she graced the cover in a Playboy bunny suit. 

Dolly says she wouldn’t mind doing it again, saying her boobs are the same size. At the age of 75, Dolly wouldn’t be the oldest woman to pose for the magazine, the honor is still being held by Victoria Valentino who posed at the age of 77.